Opening hours

Every day between 06.30-21.00.

Gym Together

Gym together is an opportunity for parents and children aged 11-13 years to train together in the gym, children free of charge. The staff starts with an introduction, and then you train together according to a framework.

After taking part of the introduction the parent/adult must sign an agreement stating that he/she assumes full responsibility for the child when in the studio.

The gym is open for youths and their parents 11.00–15.00.

Only valid April-October.

Where is the Gym located?

You will find the gym in the Spa Area

Prices and ages

The gym is free of charge for all our guests.

The minimum age is 13 years.

Outdoor Gym

By the entrance of the Hotel

You can train from early morning -daylight

For weights ask Help Desk for the key

Size of gym


Air condition


Gym Equipment


Exercise bike 2
Treadmill 4
Crosstrainer 1
Leg curl 1
Pec machine 1
Leg extension 1
Abdominal crunch 1
Chest press 1
Multimachine 1
Dumbells Yes
Weight plates Yes
Pilates ball Yes
Kettlebells Yes 4-12 kg
Outside gym Yes