Luggage check-in

Thomas Cook has a check-in counter open in Resort Service for our guests travelling with Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia.

All members of the family must be present at the check in desk with passportsor ID Cards and travel documents

Push chairs and prams can be delivered directly by the gate at the airport if you prefer that.

Kindly be reminded, when travelling to Norway, Denmark and Finland you should first enter passport data at Thomas Cook Airlines, as Cyprus is not part of the Schengen-area. Please enter your data as soon as possible, no later than 72 hours before departure. You can enter all data here: or or and login. 

Not valid during the period November - March.

Check-in time at OBC

Day Check-in time at OBC Flight Bus Pick Up
Monday 07:50-08:00 DK 1377 HEL 09:30
Monday 08:00-08:10

DK  1491 VXO

Monday 08:10-08:30 DK 1103 CPH 10:40
Monday  08:30-08:40 DK 1793 GOT 11:15
Monday 08:40-09:00 DK 1633 ARN 11:15
Monday  09:00-09:15 DK 1489 MMA 21:00
Monday  09:15:09:30 DK 1293 BLL 21:10
 Monday 09:00-09:15    
 Friday 08:00-08:15 DK 1193 CPH 10:20
 Friday 08:10-08:30 DK 1791 GOT 10:35
 Friday  08:45-09:10 DK 1573 OSL 11:15
 Friday  08:30-08:55 DK 1635 ARN 11:00