Baby Products

To save space in your suitcase and make your holiday even more convenient when traveling with infants, you will find a good selection of baby products in our Mini Market. 

Baby Food Age Size
Hipp Baby Dessert From 4 months 80 gr
Hipp Baby Food From 8 months 220 gr
Hipp Baby Food From 4 months 125 gr
Hipp Baby Juice From 4 months 200 ml
Hipp Baby Water From 4 months  1,5 ltr


Baby Hygiene Weight Amount
Libero Wet Wipes   64 pcs
Pampers Baby Soft 4   8-16 kg 25 pcs
Pampers Baby Soft 4+  9-18 kg 24 pcs
Pampers Baby Soft 5 11-23 kg 23 pcs
Huggies Swim Small 7-15 kg 12 pcs
Huggies Swim Medium 12-18 kg 11 pcs

For even more Baby Products kindly see our selection at Sunwing Sandy Bay in the near by Mini Market.